Dictador 1978 - 37yo single cask rum

COLOMBIA / 0.70ltr, 41%

€199,00 Incl. btw
Levertijd: EU: 1-5 dagen / Buiten EU; 3 tot 15 dagen
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Dictador 1978 - 37yo single cask rum

Only 306 bottles released - Limited Edition


The precious liquids in the "Best Of" range represent a selection from Dictador's best and oldest barrels in their collection which has been developing for over 100 years – since the opening of the distillery. The liquids are carefully chosen and mixed by the master blender, as he has chosen the best of the oldest vintages to give the truest taste of their age-old DICTADOR. For classical Colombian flavours that are rich, deep and luxuriously delicious.

The barrels used for this product line are carefully selected by Master Parra. 

They use 3 types of the barrels: AO- American Oak, SC - Sherry Cask, PC - Port Cask and use only 1 selected barrel for bottling. In result they fill around 300 bottles with this great liquid work of art. Whole process takes place at the Destileria Colombiana.

All labels are handwritten and signed by Master Blender Hernan Parr. Differences in % of alcohol come from organoleptic tests. As the spirt is taken directly from the barrel, it must be diluted, then Master Blander decides which blend taste the best with what alc %. level.

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