Plantation 3 Stars Silver rum


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Plantation 3 Stars Silver rum


A large majority of rum producers offer a white rum variety. Maison Ferrand wanted to produce a white rum that would stand out from the others using rums aged and unaged and taking advantage of the exceptional talent of the House for blending cognacs. Plantation 3 Stars is a blend of rums from three islands: Trinidad (rum aged two or three years), Barbados (young rum), and Jamaica (old rum). This final blend was carefully thought out by our cellar master and each island brings its own aromatic characteristics.

"Opening aroma offers delicate scents of brown sugar, honey, coffee bean, cocoa bean; later whiffs following further aeration encounter baking spices, especially, vanilla, allspices, cloves; a bouquet of delicacy. Entry is biscuity, batter-like, yet is bittersweet and light-bodied; mid-palate features round, supple flavors of dark chocolate, root beer, toasted marshmallow, egg cream, vanilla soda. Finishes fast, refined, almost fragile. Serious white rum at its grassy, herbal best."
Paul Pacult ★★★★ Highly Recommended

Raw material : Molasses
Fermentation : 72 hours Barbados & Trinidad, 2 weeks Jamaica
Distillation : Barbados: Column & Pot, Trinidad Column, Jamaica Pot
Tropical and continental ageing : Blend of Barbados unaged & Trinidad 2 to 3 years filtered on Plantation proprietory filtration process by which we filter out the wood tannins whilst keeping the aromatic compound of wood aging. Much better than charcoal filtration which is non selective and wipes out all color of taste.
Jamaica Unaged as well as a bit of 10 years Pot Still Jamaica.

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